The iStick bending adaptor is designed to save space

The iStick bending adaptor is designed to save space and make the device easier to carry. With the Mini iStick Battery  bending adaptor, unnecessary wear and tear will be substantially reduced which is better for protecting the thread. How to use: First, screw the bottom of bending adaptor to iStick with the attached small tool. […]

Sheeny black tight for early autumn

  Autumn is officially coming now.  What to rock this  autumn. Well, for a simple yet punchy and edged look, go for a black and white ensemble.  A white blouse gives people a feel of cleaness and innocence. A tight pair of pants with a simple waitband is a perfect match for the white shirt. […]

Simple yet punchy

To make a really comfortable everyday look, what do you need?  A white cotton top, a pair of jeans and canvas shoes. This is the ensemble so popular that you can see a lot of chicks rocking this one. It is good for various occasions and wherever you are, you are able to stay comfy […]

Bright-colored plaid T-shirt

So, autumn is drawing near, you have to layer on some cover for your arms huh?  Plaid T0-shirts are simply one of the most brilliant items to go for.  How to make it both simple and classy? Hmmm… Check out this ensemble.  All-white cotton shirt and a pair of  bright jeans with the leg hoses […]

What to wear for the day?

  Okay, girls. Personally I am a huge fan of fancy patterned items. There is no way that I can say no to a thing this is with nice colors and interesting patterns.  This A-line skirt in the picture is one of those pieces. I am quite drawn to it the moment I rest my […]

simplicity is charming

Simple White chiffon top and gery shorts look very amazing together. The simple combination exudes a soft touch of elegance and the perks are it is really comfy to wear and convenient for big movement.  According to the accasion you are going, you can either opt for a pair of high heels or flats. They […]

Casual and trendy

A braid on one side of your shoulder looks very summer-appropriate and gives people a feel of farmlands, which is quite pleasant. Sluggish grey top with fancy beaded eagle pattern is both comfortable and chic. Denim shorts with fun twists has separated itself apart from ordinary shorts. Well, the hightlight of the whole look is […]

Ivory&teal ensemble

Dark Ivory color is similar to nude-color and looks very elegant and pleasant in formal occasions. This is why many office ladies have a special liking for this color. In this ensemble, we have this color going together with teal. They look very harmonious together. Pleated ivory-color dress with teal hem, Buckle-adorned platform pumps in […]

Sluggish vibe

When you walk in the street sometimes, you bump into someone who is really comfortably dressed-up and oddly you feel relaxed and comfortable at the mere looking at the look. Dressing comfortably can actually also give people around you relaxing feelings. You yourself can also enjoy a day without bounding of difficult outfits. Opting for […]